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C-Suite Network Enterprise Memberships

Many of our members wish to expand their exclusive benefits and opportunities, once they realize how powerful a membership with C-Suite Network really is. For these high achievers who are serious about building a legacy, we have developed our Enterprise level memberships as listed below. For a full side-by-side comparison of all available C-Suite Network packages, please click here.

Branded Partner

$12,500 / month
  • Includes Contributor level, plus:
  • 3 Power Pages ($9k/mo value)
  • 1 Podcast Booster ($750/mo value)
  • Keyword Roadmap ($2500 value)
  • Power Play
  • Dedicated Support
  • 1 Press Release Intro & Optimization
  • Inclusion on our Branded page
  • Exclusive events for your niche
  • Email drip inclusion

Division Partner

$25,000 / month
  • Includes Branded Partner level, plus:
  • Formal Initial Strategy Session
  • Monthly Sr. Management Check-In Sessions
  • Dedicated Project Manager
  • Access to C-Level Team Members
  • Monthly Strategy Sessions with C-Level Leaders
  • Media Outreach for Interviews
    managment for co-branded opportunities
  • Press Request Optimization
  • 5 Micro-Influencer Outreach for Co-Branded Opportunities
  • 1 Co-Hosting of "Celebrates"
  • 1 "Celebrates" Optimization Package
  • 2 Guest Podcasts interviewed by our c-level team, optimized
  • 1 Introduction at Scotch Sunday
  • Invitation to present/speak at live events that include your topic
  • 3 Power Pages ($9k/mo value)
  • High-Intent Traffic ($7500/mo value)
  • 2 Marketing Cloud Accounts ($2500/mo value)
  • Custom Category Optimization (specific to your division)
  • Command an entire C-Suite division
  • Fully branded division experience
  • Booth space at live events
  • Inclusion in divisional topical media
  • Outreach, emails, & podcasts
  • 1M impressions/year ROS
  • Custom email each month to high-intent members

Corporate Sponsor

$50,000 / month
  • Includes Division Partner level, plus:
  • Signage at All Live Events
  • Stage Mentions at All Events
  • Media Inclusion
    Your Brand on Press Releases as Sponsor
  • Inclusion on a Sponsors Page with Branded Power Page
  • Inclusion as Sponsor at Any Event You Attend
  • 12 TV & Radio Embed Commercials
    (commercial provided by client)
  • Monthly strategy session with CEO
  • Private events hosted by CEO and Chairman
  • 5 Power Pages ($15k/mo value)
  • 1 Authority Builder Program ($12.5k/mo value)
  • 10 Marketing Cloud Accounts ($12.5k/mo value)
  • Branded Marketplace category for up to 25 products
  • 360º maximum exposure
  • Inclusion in 1M emails
  • Pre-roll at digital events
  • 10M impressions/year ROS
  • 1 custom email to entire database every week